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28 Nov YouTube for Car Dealerships

taaa_youtube_twIn this decade, by the time a potential buyer walks in the doors of your dealership, he or she has probably searched online for feature information, reviews, and deals. The buyer has compared models and knows what paint options exist for the vehicle he wants. And, most likely, the shopper has visited YouTube more than once to check out the automobiles in the running. Yes, she wants to come in and test drive a model or two and kick the tires, so to speak, but she has a head start.

Per a DMEAutomotive study, the average car purchaser today makes less than two visits to physical dealerships. Before he arrives, the shopper has made numerous digital and mobile visits to check out both you and the cars. And among these virtual experiences, YouTube holds an important key.

YouTube is the world’s second largest search engine and third most visited site after Google and Facebook. The channel gets over 30 million visitors per day, which translates to about 1 billion active users per month. That’s a giant chunk of internet users consuming video.

David Mogensen, Google’s Head of YouTube Ads Product Marketing, issued a report in which it was reported that 70% of people who used YouTube as part of their car buying process were influenced by what they watched. Further, views on YouTube of test drives, features, options, and walk-throughs have doubled in the past year; mobile searches from dealership lots increased 46% in the last year.

What this means is this: before buyers grace your showroom, they’re making decisions and forming opinions via online research. And here’s the question: where do you want your buyers to get their information: from your dealership or from someone else’s?

Per Google, car review videos on YouTube were watched for more than 3 million hours in the first 9 months of 2015, of which more than 1.2 million were on mobile, more than twice as many as the previous year. In general, research shows that people generally tend to search for 3 types of car video:

  • Test drives
  • Comparison videos showing features of different makes and models
  • Interior and exterior car walk-throughs

This is a great opportunity for your dealership to use video marketing on YouTube to reach potential buyers. How can you maximize your time and money investment in this channel?

Conduct an online audit.  Pretend you are buying a new car yourself, or hire a consultant to audit your online presence. Are you covering the channels that could be most advantageous to you? Is your brand consistent and professional?  Are you using all the right key words to attract the most hits?

Build your video library: Remember that customers are impatient and they want concise and informative video content. Respect their time and yours and create video that reflects your personality in a way that will bring customers to your door.

Be responsive: Modern society is impatient and expects to find answers very quickly. If you aren’t there with the right answer, the moment shoppers are looking, chances are someone else will be.

Dive in! If you’re not already creating content for YouTube and tying that to your other marketing and sales channels, you could be missing a critical outreach opportunity.

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16 Jun Using LinkedIn Effectively to Sell More Cars


bloggraphic5BlogLaunched in 2003, LinkedIn now has more than 400 million members in 200 countries and territories around the globe. Amazingly, that is less than half of Facebook’s daily users, but LinkedIn is generally considered the professional alternative.

The statistics are compelling (data from LinkedIn’s site):

  • Sales professionals who use LinkedIn for social selling are 51% more likely to exceed their sales quota than sales professionals who don’t use LinkedIn for social selling.
  • Sales professionals that use LinkedIn for social selling are 3X more likely to crush their sales quota for the year than any other sales rep.
  • Directors that use LinkedIn for social selling get promoted 1.6X faster to VP.


If you don’t have a LinkedIn profile, create one. First, create your personal page. If you are a dealership owner, wait the appropriate length of time as prescribed by LinkedIn (7 days) and create a page for your business.

People buy from people they like and trust. Today, your online reputation is as important as the impression you make in person. Wouldn’t you rather be transparent and upfront online in order for more people to find you and refer you? Having no presence online does not fall into the “no news is good news” category; it makes you and your business appear to be out of touch or worse, untrustworthy.

“LinkedIn not only allows you to showcase your professional achievements, but it also acts as a perceived independent third-party advisory to your character. If you are open and honest online, it lends to the belief you are the same in real life, say in a negotiation situation, for example. Having a profile shows a customer you are accessible, accountable, and most importantly, trustworthy,” says National Digital Strategy Manager Robert Karbaum.


Add a LinkedIn icon to your dealership site. Now tell your customers about your profile, and ask them to connect to you. Start connecting to your friends and business contacts, and LinkedIn will provide connections for you to link organically based on your contact list.

Once you start sharing content, your connections will see them in their news feed.


Stay on top of the news in your industry – there are plenty of options to curate content, starting with something as basic as a Google alert. Post information your customer base wants to know, from new innovations in the car market to recalls to auto show recaps.

Work with your internal team to like each other’s posts and generate more online buzz.


LinkedIn bills their Sales Navigator as a tool to allow sales professionals to tap into the power of LinkedIn efficiently and improves social selling. When you first launch the tool, a wizard guides you through setup. Based on your existing network, you can pick which organizations are current opportunities. If you use SalesForce, you can import your contacts into Sales Navigator to see LinkedIn activity for your accounts.

From a reviewer at

“Sales Navigator goes beyond a passive system. Based on the contacts you have selected, Sales Navigator suggests potential organizations that fit a similar profile. You can also define your territory so that suggestions are limited to your area. When I test-drove the system, Sales Navigator suggested several opportunities that I had not previously thought about. Surprisingly, some were great suggestions and worth my time to consider.”


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