The Importance of Black Friday & Year-End Sales Advertising

Should I wait until the end of the year to buy a car? That’s the question many of your customers have been asking themselves since the end of summer. They think that manufacturers and dealers have been saving their best offers for the end of the year, and whether that’s the case or not, it’s their perception that matters most. The majority of publications tell customers that they will save more in November and December, and it’s important that dealerships capitalize on that fact. There are a few strategies that we recommend dealerships follow to best bring in those Black Friday and Year-End shoppers.

Increase Your Spend
November and December are the two biggest shopping months for nearly every consumer facing industry, and they’re incredibly important for automotive dealers. Not only is December the end of the year, but it’s also when monthly, quarterly, and yearly sales goals need to be met by most dealerships, all at the same time. With all of this in mind, there is a lot of money spent on advertising at the end of the year. Everyone is trying to make their message stand out from the crowd, and it’s important that you step up as well. An increase in your advertising budget in November and December can go a long way towards making your store’s messaging more memorable. Whether it’s TV, Google display ads, or pre-roll, a bump in your budget is a great way to capture more customers in this highly competitive season.

Make it Memorable
The end of the year is a time for celebration. It’s the holiday season and the new year is right around the corner. Customers are looking for an event, and your dealership should deliver. There are a few different ways you can accomplish this. You can go the creative route with a fun, unique message that makes customers laugh while still highlighting attractive offers. You can put together a big year-end blowout, with promises of your best prices and biggest selection of the year! Whichever direction you take, your messaging should have some kind of a hook that marks this as THE time for customers to shop your store.

Another thing to consider, especially for OEM stores, is that most other dealerships will be broadcasting similar messaging, so finding a way to make it unique is important. In the case of OEM stores, doing more than sticking the manufacturer’s year-end logo on your ads is a great start. Developing your own personal Black Friday or Year-End event is a great way to stand out and separate yourself from the competition. Manufacturers are also going to release many attractive offers this time of year, but every store selling that brand is going to have the same offer. Advertising an incentive that customers can only get at your dealership, or at least isn’t being advertised by every Ford store in town, is a great way to show your value.

Create Urgency and Opportunity
New Shopping HabitsThis is your last chance to sell! See what I did there? A ticking clock is a great motivator for auto shoppers, and making it clear that all of these amazing offers go away when the ball drops is a good way to get them through your doors. With that in mind, there is a bit of a balancing act to contend with between urgency and opportunity, especially in November.

Everyone knows that Black Friday is the biggest shopping day of the year for nearly every industry, but that opportunity is widening every year. Stores are offering their Black Friday prices earlier and for longer in an attempt to get ahead of the competition, and letting customers know they don’t have to wait for Black Friday can be a good way to motivate customers to buy throughout November.

We recommend starting the Black Friday excitement at the beginning of the month. This may decrease the urgency on the day, but you create more opportunity and can ramp up the urgency by swapping out creative a week or so before the big day. Something else to consider this year is that the age-old practice of telling customers to get to the lot NOW is not as effective in the time of COVID-19. Infections are spiking across the US, so it’s important to communicate any online services you offer so that customers know they can get those same great Year-End deals from home. Informing customers of your cleaning and sanitation practices is also a good tactic to cover any of their safety concerns.

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About the author

Michelle Camacho is the President of The Automotive Advertising Agency.