Great news for our clients and auto dealers everywhere: Google has officially launched their newest ad format specifically for vehicles!

Google Vehicle Ads are a lower-funnel ad format designed to allow dealerships to place ads for their vehicles front and center when a customer searches for a specific vehicle type. These ads include the vehicle’s image as well as location, mileage, make, model, price, and advertiser name.

Clicking on the link takes customers to the advertiser’s site where they can get more information, fill out a lead form, or contact the dealer directly.

The benefits of this new system are manifold. From a consumer perspective, it allows customers to more quickly and easily choose the right vehicle for their needs and obtain more information about it before visiting a dealership. From the dealer side, the system provides more qualified leads by showing customers detailed information about the vehicle, and it targets customers looking for a specific car, truck, or SUV more directly.

The system also allows dealers to track performance of specific ads, including click counts and ad views.

Research Cars Online - TAAA BlogWith more and more potential customers starting their search for a new vehicle online, Google expects vehicle ads to make a big impact. According to Google, 89% of new car buyers in 2021 researched their vehicle online before buying, and 16% completed their purchase fully online, up from around 1% the year prior. The system was tested heavily in beta as Google Vehicle Listing Ads, and Google reports dealers using vehicle ads saw a greater than 25% increase in overall conversions.

In order to use vehicle ads, dealers must set up an inventory feed through Google Merchant Center. The system then uses this information to create relevant ads when a customer searches for a vehicle similar to one in the dealer’s inventory. Vehicle ads can only be used by dealers for new and used consumer vehicles. It can’t be used by auto brokers or private sellers, and it can’t be used for commercial vehicles like buses or utility vehicles.

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Michelle Camacho is the President of The Automotive Advertising Agency.