Better Together: How to Boost Traffic to Your Website with Integrated SEO + PPC Marketing

It’s fairly common for SEO and PPC teams to work completely independently from one another, if even in the same department. SEO and PPC campaigns often run parallel with each other, or sometimes compete against one another. But what if they worked in tandem, towards a common goal? How could this impact the traffic to your dealership’s website?

Recently, Google conducted several studies to determine that SEO does have a positive impact on the overall clicks received by paid or PPC ads. Other studies have shown the same when the situation is reversed, or that PPC ads will also boost the results of SEO campaigns. To best understand how these two strategies can work congruently, it’s important to have a firm grasp on them as standalone marketing tools.


One key difference between these effective marketing strategies is that traffic generated via SEO, or organic marketing, is free. PPC campaigns come at a cost per click. Because these PPC ads are paid ads, they are also positioned at the top of any given SERP, or Search Engine Results Page, above listings only containing SEO content.


SEO Works with PPC

Aside from its cost effective nature, SEO strategies are implemented for a multitude of reasons. For instance, SEO content is much more sustainable than PPC. This means that SEO content can stay live indefinitely, whereas PPC ads will be taken down after the payment stops. Also, SEO strategies are typically used to generate awareness. By using targeted keywords, you’re putting your dealership at the forefront of the market that results in traffic to your website.


PPC ads are largely used to position your dealership at the top of any search results page. This positioning means that your dealership’s ad will be the first thing the customer sees when the results page loads and influences a potential buyer to visit your website. Compared to SEO, PPC targeting allows your dealership to hone in on potential car-buyers by targeting through keywords, time of day, time of week, geography, language, and more.

An Integrated Approach: SEO + PPC

Ideally, it’s best to implement both SEO and PPC advertising strategies to boost overall traffic to your website, and by extension, your dealership. For example, potential keywords can be tested for a brief period using PPC before being fully implemented in a long-term SEO campaign. Additionally, keyword and conversion data gathered from PPC campaigns can then be dispersed into an SEO campaign that will better align with your targeted audience. Using both SEO and PPC marketing strategies will ultimately boost your dealership’s visibility with highly calculated paid ads and organic listings.

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About the author

Michelle Camacho is the President of The Automotive Advertising Agency.