Success Stories: Blake Fulenwider Automotive Group

Since starting with The Automotive Advertising Agency, we’ve seen more website activity, and the quality of our leads has gotten a lot better. One of our stores even had the best month they’ve had in the past year. 

Blake FulenwiderOwner and CEO

The Challenge

Blake Fulenwider Automotive came to us looking for a more cohesive and branded marketing strategy. Their sales weren’t where they wanted them, and the quality and number of their leads was low. They had a base of loyal customers but were not able to attract as many new customers as they would like.

Their Success

With us leading their marketing efforts, they’ve successfully introduced a 6th store, improved the number and quality of their leads, established a cohesive and recognizable brand image, and achieved record sales in the height of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Story

When Blake Fulenwider Automotive reached out to us, they had four Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, and Ram stores, one Ford store, and were in the process of taking over a Chevrolet, Buick, and GMC store. They had a number of loyal customers but were struggling to see the growth and consistent sales that they were looking for. Their stores were located in fairly isolated, rural communities, and it was difficult for them to pull in new customers. On top of that, their stores were not branded cohesively. We addressed these issues by creating a uniform and recognizable creative direction and implementing an aggressive digital strategy to deliver more leads.

Our first step creatively was to partner with country music star Aaron Watson, a local resident that our client’s ideal customer could easily identify with. We utilized Mr. Watson in television commercials, website hero images, digital banner ads, and social media. We also implemented a unified look and personality across all six stores, letting customers know that they were going to get the same great experience at any Blake Fulenwider Automotive location. This was all tied together with the new tagline we ideated, “Blake Fulenwider Puts You First!”

The Automotive Advertising Agency measured year-over-year sales of Blake Fulenwider and saw more units sold despite the pandemic.

We also launched a sophisticated digital strategy that utilized the latest industry practices to best reach their ideal customers. We used artificial intelligence software to maximize our Search Engine Marketing. We used another form of advanced software to actually see how their competitors were placing their advertising, allowing us to counterprogram and conquer their customers. We utilized the latest Search Engine Optimization techniques to raise their rankings in natural search, so that customers looking for dealerships saw their sites first. Our Reputation Management experts used software that “scrapes” the internet for any customer review across multiple review sites. By doing this, we were able to address each review individually to better connect with their customer base. We also maintained all online directory listings to keep their information consistent. As the campaigns progressed, we were constantly reviewing their performance and making adjustments to optimize results. Our social media team also revamped their social presence with unique, custom posts across Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

With our memorable creative direction and advanced digital campaigns, their stores saw consistently high sales numbers. For example, one of their CDJR stores averaged a 27% increase in their highly profitable pre-owned vehicle department, and their Ford store averaged a 51% increase in pre-owned sales! Even in the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, when some dealerships were worried about keeping their doors open, we actually increased YOY sales for several of their stores. One of their CDJR stores even had their highest selling month in a year, with a 7% increase in new car sales, and a 66% increase in pre-owned sales!


As our campaigns gain momentum, Blake Fulenwider Automotive’s stores continue to grow and are on track to come out of the COVID-19 pandemic stronger than ever.