Success Stories: Texas Auto Center

I’ve worked with The Automotive Advertising Agency for many years now, and they have consistently generated leads for my dealerships. I’ve seen the benefits they bring to my business, I’ve seen the benefits they bring to the businesses I’ve referred to them, and I think they would be a great choice for any dealership looking to increase their sales.

Bob BlankenshipOwner and CEO

The Challenge

Texas Auto Center is our oldest and one of our most trusted dealership partners. When we started working with them they were an established dealership looking to expand their share of the highly competitive Buy Here Pay Here market in Central Texas. They offered competitive services, but their message was getting lost in the mix.

Their Success

Thanks to our continued marketing efforts, Texas Auto Center was named both TIADA and NIADA Quality Dealer of the Year, they are a trusted source for pre-owned vehicles in their market with a memorable creative campaign, they’ve nearly quadrupled their web traffic, and they have seen a 22% increase in total vehicles sold.

The Story

Texas Auto Center came to us looking to expand their presence and increase their store and website traffic. When we took over their marketing, they had only 51,627 visitors to their website. We focused our efforts on two fronts: optimizing their digital spend, and conceiving memorable and eye-catching creative.

The first step towards their digital success was shaping their creative direction. We developed a fun and memorable mascot, Otto, to draw consumers in. We paired that with a catchy jingle and a playful visual style we call “Big Head.” By taking a real actor and animating him as a living bobble head, we created a lasting signature look for their creative assets. A large part of the success of the creative comes from two of our core tenets: including people in advertising, and positive positioning. People in the marketing allows consumers to better identify with the message by creating an emotional connection, and positive positioning ensures they don’t associate Texas Auto Center with any negative aspects of the automotive industry.

Once we had the message set, we worked to optimize their digital presence. Through the use of strategic Search Engine Marketing campaigns, attentive Reputation Management, and advanced Search Engine Optimization, we were able to attract 197,645 website users in 2019. That’s a 382% increase from when they hired our agency.


All of this added up to a massive increase in sales, expansion from one store to three, and them winning both TIADA and NIADA Quality Dealer of the Year.