The Auto Ad Agency

Proven digital and traditional methods to deliver tangible sales results.

  • Price to Entice.

    Strong price offers will always play an important part in automotive advertising. The tricky part is finding the right offer for your market. Our clients Lithia Nissan and Hyundai of Fresno get a great response with low monthly lease payments, but your market may better respond to MSRP discounts. We’ll narrow down what most attracts your customers and utilize it for maximum impact.

  • Stay Positive.

    Positive positioning is at the center of all of our messaging. Putting a positive spin on a situation rather than focusing on the negatives has been proven to be more effective in sales messaging. This is especially effective for Buy Here, Pay Here clients such as Fiesta Motors. By utilizing a message focused on approving customers, rather than being turned down in the past, we’ve been able to increase both actionable leads and sales. Thanks in part to this strategy and a fun campaign utilizing the client’s light-hearted brand, Fiesta Motors was recently named the 2019 TIADA Quality Dealer of the Year!

  • Deliver a Bold Message.

    Through the use of eye-catching, custom animation, Cameron Autoplex stands out among tough competition. By focusing on affordable prices and a friendly, downhome attitude, they’ve achieved consistent sales in a relatively small market.

  • Say Yes to Success.

    We built on American Car Center’s already established message to deliver a considerable increase in sales that has led to the opening of many new stores across the Southeast. By emphasizing that our client was the answer to consumers’ automotive needs, we increased both the number and quality of their leads.

  • Creative That Stands Out.

    With Texas Auto Center (one of our original clients), we deliver a consistent, standout message that has distinguished them in the market, allowing them to grow steadily through the years and recently win NIADA National Quality Dealer of the Year.