Site Speed and Google Rankings - TAAA Blog
Site speed is often considered a crucial factor when it comes to Google search rankings, especially for industries with complex websites such as car dealerships. This post aims to debunk the myth surrounding site speed and its impact on Google rankings, especially for complex auto dealership websites. The Unique Challenges of Auto Dealer Websites Websites...
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Integrated SEO and PPC Marketing Strategies by The Auto Ad Agency
It’s fairly common for SEO and PPC teams to work completely independently from one another, if even in the same department. SEO and PPC campaigns often run parallel with each other, or sometimes compete against one another. But what if they worked in tandem, towards a common goal? How could this impact the traffic to...
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How to Build an Effective Auto Dealer Blog - TAAA Blog
In the old days, all a dealership needed to stand out from the crowd was a killer TV commercial and maybe a giant inflatable gorilla on the roof. These days, there’s a plethora of things you need to do behind the scenes to stay relevant. One of the most effective tools in any dealer’s belt...
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