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One of the most effective ways to reach a local audience is through targeted Traditional Media. Television, Cable, OTT (streaming TV), traditional and streaming radio, out-of-home, and print all still have their place in automotive advertising. According to a report published by NADA Front Page, television is more important as a consumer influencer than the average of all 11 categories combined. Our media experts know who your customers are and how to reach them. By utilizing advanced demographic data such as ComScore rankings, we’ll deliver a bespoke media plan that pinpoints your audience to deliver a bigger ROI and an increase in sales.

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  • Traditional media includes television, Cable, OTT (streaming TV), Radio both traditional and streaming, out-of-home (billboards, transit ads, etc.), and print. It is highly effective when targeting a local audience. Our media experts specialize in building buys for local markets. We are active across the country, and cater our media plans for each of our clients. No two markets are the same, so we create bespoke plans based on viewing patterns, brand, and demographic.

    By utilizing advanced data resources such as ComScore with the Polk Automotive Overlay, we’re able to pinpoint programming that reaches the auto intender by brand, down to the model they are interested in. This results in zero waste in your plan. Every dollar you put into your advertising goes right in front of the consumer. Your message gets out, and your sales go up.

    We also ensure you get the highest possible ROI by aggressively negotiating all of our buys. We know the markets, we know what the media is worth, and we work hard to get you the value you deserve. Once the buys are finalized, our talented creative team illustrates your message, and we traffic out to stations. It doesn’t end there though. A media plan is an ever-changing strategy that can be affected by a number of things, and we adjust accordingly for the duration of the buy. This hands-on approach means we can respond as needed to deliver the boost in business you’re investing in. In addition, we handle invoice reconciliation to ensure fast and accurate billing. You’ll spend less time dealing with stations, and more time selling cars.

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