5 Tips for Effective EV Marketing

Electric vehicles are quickly becoming one of the most efficient and economical options for car buyers today. Almost every major manufacturer either has an EV already in production, or plans for an EV lineup in the next ten to twenty years. Even legacy brands are betting long on an electric future by dispensing with internal combustion and embracing electrification entirely. The bottom line is that customers want electric vehicles, and the number of adopters will continue to grow exponentially as the technology becomes more commonplace and accessible.

For dealers, this will open the door for new opportunities. After-sales services, warranties, and maintenance plans will be reworked to function in this new electric landscape, but several questions still remain. How can they position themselves to take advantage of this new technology while still maintaining their position in the marketplace? Read on to find out our top five tips for effectively marketing EVs to your new and existing customers.


Now is the time to start softening the ground with a steady stream of information and updates regarding the impending arrival of new EVs. Spread the word through social media, direct mailers, video content, and to every customer coming into the showroom that these vehicles are on their way. Make room in your marketing budget for EV-specific ads geared towards explaining their value proposition. If you get started early, you’ll have adopters waiting at the showroom doors when the EVs arrive.


Educate Your Customers on the Benefits of EVThis falls into the point above, but education about these cars is vital. Range anxiety, lack of infrastructure, and unfamiliarity with the technology can all be big impediments to intenders, so let people know that range anxiety isn’t actually that important, charging infrastructure is growing quickly, and despite their advanced nature, EVs are actually far less complicated and less dangerous than modern gas-powered vehicles.


A demonstrator vehicle on your lot is the best method to bring those buyers hesitant to give EVs a try into the fold. Treat the arrival of an EV demonstrator like an event. Work it into your marketing strategy, make it the centerpiece of any ongoing campaign, and let as many intenders as possible have a drive. Even those that aren’t considering an EV may be won over by their docile driving characteristics and whisper-quiet operation.

Upskill and Prepare

Now is the time for your sales team to start working toward becoming full-fledged EV advocates. Take the time to upskill your team, train them on every aspect of these vehicles and build an effective sales strategy specifically for EVs. Have plans in place for EV maintenance offerings and after-sales service. A little forethought goes a long way, and preparation will give your team the tools they need for success.

Be Patient

EVs are game-changers, and though we’re on the cusp of full-scale adoption, not all car-buyers are convinced that EVs are right for them. Stick to the plan and keep the marketing wheels turning. If your marketing is effective and the message gets across, it’s only a matter of time before most buyers understand the benefits of these vehicles, and the differences they can make at the pump, or lack thereof.

With these five tips in mind, start planning your EV marketing strategy as soon as possible. If you need assistance, consider speaking to one of the experts at The Automotive Advertising Agency. We can help you get the ROI you need to keep your business ahead of the competition. Call us at 512.610.7300 or drop us an email at info@theautoadagency.com.

About the author

Michelle Camacho is the President of The Automotive Advertising Agency.