Versatile Marketing Expertise: From Hispanic Marketing to Broad Audience Engagement.

We’re Here for One Thing Only

– To Help You Move Metal

We’re Here for One Thing Only – to Help You Move Metal

We offer a full range of marketing solutions to deliver more leads and more customers to your door. Our automotive specialists combine the best of traditional and digital media strategies to maximize your ROI. With our hard-hitting campaigns, you can increase your market share and rapidly grow your business.

CMS Management

Graphic Design

Social Media Advertising

Video Production


Innovative, Custom Creative is Consistently Delivered

New Car Dealers

We know the automotive industry. From the best methods to attract the customers you want, to navigating brand standards and submitting for COOP funds, we have the experience you need to dominate the market. Our proven strategies will help you exceed sales goals and outperform the competition.

Used Car Dealers

We have decades of pre-owned experience. We’ve been working with used car dealerships from the start, and Buy-Here Pay-Here stores make up some of our oldest and most successful clients. We deliver real, actionable leads from motivated buyers for a better close rate and a big boost for your business.

Executive Team


Founder and Principal

Marco Camacho is the Founder and Principal of The Automotive Advertising Agency, with decades of experience in the automotive advertising industry. With a passion for cars and marketing, Marco has dedicated his career to helping auto dealerships achieve unparalleled success through strategic and innovative advertising campaigns. Leading a talented team of experts across offices in Austin, Los Angeles, and New York, Marco oversees operations and ensures the agency's continued excellence. Marco's journey began 35 years ago in car sales at Lone Star Volkswagen in San Antonio, Texas. Excelling in understanding customer needs and providing exceptional service, he expanded his expertise to prestigious brands like Ferrari and Lamborghini. However, driven by ambition and a desire for innovation, Marco transitioned into advertising and media, following in his father's footsteps as a broadcasting pioneer. Starting as an advertising sales professional at a local radio station, he merged his passion for automobiles with his growing knowledge of marketing and media dynamics.

Throughout his illustrious career, Marco held executive management positions at esteemed media companies such as CBS, Telemundo, and Cumulus Media. As CEO of a two-billion-dollar television network, he made strategic moves into the digital realm, acquiring his first Internet company in 1999. Inspired by his clients while serving as Director of Automotive Marketing for Time Warner Media, Marco established The Automotive Advertising Agency to provide specialized, tailored advertising solutions for auto dealerships. Leveraging his industry experience and deep understanding of effective strategies, Marco and his team offer unparalleled expertise and guidance to their clients, having collaborated with over 100 different dealerships.

Marco Camacho's impact on the automotive advertising industry is undeniable. His visionary leadership, commitment to excellence, and unique perspective have positioned The Automotive Advertising Agency as a renowned force in the ever-evolving advertising landscape. With strategically located offices across the United States, Marco and his team are poised to revolutionize how auto dealerships approach their marketing efforts, driving optimal visibility, brand recognition, and increased sales for their clients.

Michelle Camacho


Co-Founder, President


Principal, East Coast


Creative Director

Meredith Guenveur

Media Director

Tony Choi

Social Media Director



*A $6,000 Value

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