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Selling Cars Through Social Media

There is no doubt the digital age has forever changed consumer behavior. The decision to make a purchase is preceded by time spent online reading product and company reviews, or asking friends and family about products via social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

In the world of automotive sales, understanding this type of behavior can help dealers if they take the more proactive approach.

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Is your business responsive enough on Facebook?

If you are executing a successful social media marketing strategy at your auto dealership, then you definitely understand the importance of reputation management. Engaging with customers who would rather communicate via a tweet, private Facebook message, or Yelp post is an increasingly important aspect of the customer service experience. As you’ve probably discovered, responding to these customers in a timely fashion is a very effective tactic toward clearing up miscommunication or discovering that your business clearly did something wrong.

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Photoblog of the Digiday DBS in Palm Springs

We truly enjoyed our visit to Palm Springs for the Digiday Brand Summit.  As VIP guests at DBS, we’re able to visit with incredibly innovative companies within the digital world.  We made new friends, caught some great NBA playoff games and added to our arsenal of digital media opportunities.  Here are some photos from the event.

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