Integrated SEO and PPC Marketing Strategies by The Auto Ad Agency
It’s fairly common for SEO and PPC teams to work completely independently from one another, if even in the same department. SEO and PPC campaigns often run parallel with each other, or sometimes compete against one another. But what if they worked in tandem, towards a common goal? How could this impact the traffic to...
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Google Vehicle Ads Launches - TAAA Blog
Great news for our clients and auto dealers everywhere: Google has officially launched their newest ad format specifically for vehicles! Google Vehicle Ads are a lower-funnel ad format designed to allow dealerships to place ads for their vehicles front and center when a customer searches for a specific vehicle type. These ads include the vehicle’s...
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For nearly 20 years, Google has been an integral part of any digital marketing spend. The platform’s dominance makes it an obligatory inclusion for anyone trying to establish an online presence, and the automotive industry is no exception. Targeting audiences based on factors such as gender, age, or zip code have become standard practice, but...
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