Congratulations to Michelle Camacho, President of The Automotive Advertising Agency!

Michelle Camacho
The Automotive Advertising Agency is pleased to announce that Executive Vice President and co-founder Michelle Camacho has risen to become our new President. She assumes the role after a long tenure as Vice President, working to develop the company into a dominant force in the automotive advertising sector.

Mrs. Camacho got her start in the auto industry very early. As a young child, she recalls stuffing envelopes with promotional materials for the Ford Tempo & Mercury Topaz launch for Ford of Canada. Later, she continued to hone her industry marketing skills at PPL Marketing Services (later re-branded as Micro Forum), where she worked closely with Ford of Canada. She contributed to B2B marketing, event production, promotional materials, administration, and as she calls it, “…a little bit of everything. It was a good, fast-paced experience that created my work ethic. I learned the industry early.”

She officially started her marketing career at Head and Varvis (now called Drive Agency) working in real estate marketing, and continues to draw on that experience today. “Whether it’s selling condo projects or cars, I think it’s exciting to find different ways of getting results for our clients. The tools we have are different because the menu is different, but the work is always rewarding,” she said.

As she assumes the mantle of The Automotive Advertising Agency, Michelle considers the impact it has on her children. “I think for me as the mother of two daughters, it’s exciting to be in this role. When they see a woman in business succeeding, it’s a great example that they can achieve their goals.”

Michelle’s insight into female automotive shoppers will prove invaluable as women increasingly impact the automotive market. Studies show that women account for 4.5 buys out of every 10 cars sold, are more involved in new car purchases, are the majority of new Driver’s License holders, and according to Forbes, 80% of all US car-buying decisions are made by women. “This industry is always changing, and I plan on staying ahead of the trends to deliver the highest possible value to our clients.”

Michelle is planning to accelerate growth as she leads The Automotive Advertising Agency into the next decade. “I love the entrepreneurial spirit of independent dealers, I love that energy. I also appreciate the industry knowledge that franchise dealers bring, and the deep community ties they have. That’s why I’d like to see us grow even more. We’ve developed a great group of people here that are ready to take on more.” Michelle is also working to expand the agency into other areas of the automotive industry. “We’ll continue to succeed by serving both franchise and independent dealership clients, and by spreading into all sectors of the automotive world. We’re an automotive focused agency, and that goes beyond dealerships. We are excited and energized at the prospect of expanding into all facets of the industry.”

Congratulations again to Michelle Camacho, new President of The Automotive Advertising Agency! As always, The Automotive Advertising Agency is ready to help you drive business – contact us today!

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Michelle Camacho is the President of The Automotive Advertising Agency.