Everything Auto Dealers Need to Know About the Latest Facebook Marketplace Updates

Set to take effect on January 30th, 2023, Meta, the parent company to Facebook, recently announced that automotive dealers will no longer be allowed to post inventory to the Facebook Marketplace application. While this updated policy will not prevent individuals from buying or selling vehicles on Facebook, it will certainly push automotive dealers towards more defined Facebook advertising solutions and techniques.

What Caused the Change?

This bold policy update comes in response to numerous “false” listings found within the platform. For instance, it is not uncommon for potential car buyers that are shopping on Facebook Marketplace to come across a vehicle listed for an extremely low, and unrealistic price in order to make the listing more attention-grabbing. With sellers highly unlikely to sell a vehicle at a suspiciously low price, this update is designed to give car-buyers authentic and realistic vehicle listings.

What’s Next for Auto Dealers

What's Next For Auto Dealers After FB Marketplace

Although the new Facebook updates will effectively eliminate the dealership presence within the Marketplace app, nothing will change as far as a dealer’s ability to use Facebook ads. In a recent statement regarding the updated changes, Meta said they will, “continue to invest in innovative solutions based on auto businesses’ needs,” while assuring its customers that nothing will change in “their ability to reach audiences via ads.” Additionally, Facebook urges dealers to take advantage of the Automotive Inventory Ads program, or AIA.

Fully-Integrated Automotive Advertising

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