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ChatGPT Content Strategy for Auto Dealers - TAAA Blog
Supercharge Your Auto Dealership’s Content Strategy with ChatGPT: The Ultimate Tool for Content Generation
As an auto dealership, you constantly strive to create engaging and high-quality content for your landing pages and blogs. The Automotive Advertising Agency is here to introduce you to ChatGPT, a game-changing tool that will revolutionize your content generation process. What is ChatGPT? First, let's take a brief look at the history of ChatGPT. Developed […]
Integrated SEO and PPC Marketing Strategies by The Auto Ad Agency
Better Together: How to Boost Traffic to Your Website with Integrated SEO + PPC Marketing
It’s fairly common for SEO and PPC teams to work completely independently from one another, if even in the same department. SEO and PPC campaigns often run parallel with each other, or sometimes compete against one another. But what if they worked in tandem, towards a common goal? How could this impact the traffic to […]
TAAA Feature - Creating Engaging Video for Car Dealers
3 Tips to Create Engaging Online Video Ads
An effective online video marketing strategy is crucial to improving performance, boosting sales, and driving traffic to your automotive dealership. Studies show that over 75% of car-buyers claim that online videos influenced their decision to buy a vehicle, and an additional 40% of potential buyers admit that online videos helped them find a more suitable […]
Latest FB Marketplace Changes - TAAA Blog 11-22
Everything Auto Dealers Need to Know About the Latest Facebook Marketplace Updates
Set to take effect on January 30th, 2023, Meta, the parent company to Facebook, recently announced that automotive dealers will no longer be allowed to post inventory to the Facebook Marketplace application. While this updated policy will not prevent individuals from buying or selling vehicles on Facebook, it will certainly push automotive dealers towards more […]
Netflix and Bill - TAAA Auto Advertising Blog - October 2022
Netflix and “Bill”? What Automotive Dealers Need to Know About Netflix’s New Ad-Supported Tier
It's official, Netflix is set to begin its new ad-supported tier, "Basics With Ads," Thursday, November 3rd. One of the most prolific streaming services, Netflix, has announced that it will start showing 15- and 30-second ads to run before and during programs and up to 5 ads per hour. For automotive dealers, this could mean […]
5 Tips for Effective EV Marketing - TAAA Blog
5 Tips for Effective EV Marketing
Electric vehicles are quickly becoming one of the most efficient and economical options for car buyers today. Almost every major manufacturer either has an EV already in production, or plans for an EV lineup in the next ten to twenty years. Even legacy brands are betting long on an electric future by dispensing with internal […]
Tapping Into Gen Z on LinkedIn for Auto Dealers - TAAA Blog
Tapping Into Gen Z on LinkedIn for Auto Dealers
We’ve spoken before about the best ways to use LinkedIn to grow your auto dealership, but with the platform’s main demographics changing considerably, and with new features geared toward younger users, a new market has opened up inside the social media site. Gen Z, (also known as zoomers), are the most mobile generation ever, with […]
Social Media Brand-Building for Buy-Here-Pay-Here and Independent Dealers
Social Media Brand-Building for Buy-Here-Pay-Here and Independent Dealers
Social media is a worldwide market with a myriad of platforms and billions of users. Tapping into this market and establishing a robust social media presence is an integral part of building your brand, but what are the best practices? How can you ensure your brand is competitive, consistent, and place it higher on the […]
SnapChat and WhatsApp for Auto Dealers - TAAA Blog
Are SnapChat and WhatsApp Right for Auto Dealers?
Social media marketing may be the most important part of your dealership’s marketing strategy. More people are on social media than ever before, and the numbers continue to grow. Almost three quarters of Americans use at least one social media site, along with nearly half the population on the planet. The benefits of effective social […]
TikTok Dynamic Showcase Ads for Automotive - TAAA Blog
TikTok Launches New Dynamic Showcase Ads
TikTok is one of the fastest-growing social media platforms in the world. With over 1 billion active users monthly and over 100 million active users in the United States, TikTok is seeing user adoption at rates that make other social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter stand up and take notice. From an auto dealer […]
Dos and Donts for Auto Dealers on Facebook - TAAA Blog
Dos and Don’ts for Auto Dealers on Facebook
In today’s digital marketplace, a prominent social media presence is required to keep your dealership competitive. According to a Google study, 90% of auto buyers start their research online, and your brand’s social media accounts will be front and center on any major search engine’s results page. You only have one chance to make a […]
5 Ways to Use Hashtags to Promote Your Dealership - TAAA Blog
5 Ways to Use Hashtags to Promote Your Dealership
Hashtags have been a part of social media since 2007. The first hashtag was used by blogger and product consultant Chris Messina, who proposed it as a way to group or associate certain messages together. The hashtag was made a permanent part of the social media landscape when Twitter started to hyperlink hashtags in 2009, […]

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